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Community development is the passion behind our work. We are grateful for every opportunity to share our expertise and support communities in achieving their highest potential. These are some of the projects we have been fortunate enough to lead and be a part of!

Playful Conversations
with Jess & Yesim

Founder, Jess Amato and a colleague live countries apart, and share a similar value and appreciation for guiding individuals and communities in their own play. These playful conversations are a way to break down barriers and assumptions about play and introduce the simplicity of adding play to our everyday lives.



Social Games

2 Truths and 1 Lie

Fort Building


Guess the Sound

Egg Drop Challenge
Activity Video

Self-awareness, mindfulness, self-care, positive relationships, and purpose are the pillars to build resilience; the protective layers that support our ability to adapt to difficult situations. During this session, students will be provided with everyday materials to design a contraption to safely protect a raw egg from cracking when it is dropped from a high point. The success of the challenge comes from the process of critical thinking and ability to reflect on the unique characteristics which support all of us in our own ability to face adversity and persevere.

Building Community
through Geocaching

Geocaching is not only an incredible opportunity for fun and adventure; it builds community locally and globally in its design. 

There are minimal rules and one simple goal; which is both challenging AND fun!


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