We are invested in the right for all individuals to play based on their interests, abilities, needs, and resources. We provide professional development, educational training, program development, and recreational therapy services to schools, youth programs, recreation departments, and disability organizations. Services are offered virtually and in person throughout the United States and internationally. Together we can create a platform to guide social inclusion and individual and community development through play.

Professional Development &                    Educational Training

We challenge professionals to step outside their comfort zones and into the shoes of their students, participants, members, and clients.  We work to enhance their own awareness of self and others and to navigate and explore their dynamic roles as professionals. This is the professionals' platform for learning, using play as the tool!


Program Development

Every organization and program has diverse goals, abilities, needs, and resources. We work with organizations to ensure optimal outreach and success of their programs and services.


Recreational Therapy Services

Those who play together have positive shared experiences! There is always a way to play, regardless of age, ability, interests, or personal resources. We guide organizations in creating a culture of play, developing individual and community skills to support growth, social inclusion, and everlasting relationships.


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