There is always a need to play, regardless of age, ability, interests, or personal resources. We guide organizations in creating a culture of play, developing individual and community skills to support growth, social inclusion, and everlasting relationships. We are invested in the right for all individuals to play based on their interests, abilities, needs, and resources.

We provide professional development, educational training, program development, and recreational therapy to government, non-profit, and for-profit organizations. Services are offered virtually and in person throughout the United States and internationally. Together we can create a platform to guide social inclusion and individual and community development through play.

Professional Development &                    Educational Training

We use play as the platform to educate professionals and guide them in their own learning. With play, we challenge professionals to step outside their comfort zones and into the shoes of their students, participants, members, and clients. We work to enhance their own awareness of self and others and to navigate and explore their dynamic roles. There is no limit to the knowledge we can gain from play; no matter your organizations’ needs for improvement, we can help you achieve them using play as the tool!

4 people blindfolded kneeling and reaching for objects in a bin in a school gym while other people are standing away from them, facing one another, somewith their backs towards them and others facing them

Program Development

Inclusion is something all organizations should strive for; we specialize in supporting organizations in being inclusive of all people, using their programs as the vehicle to connect with communities and provide a sense of belonging. We provide the platform for organizations to meet the needs of their diverse communities, while focusing on their organizations’ mission, culture, and efficiency.

School professionals and founder, Jess Amato sitting together in a half circle in an office having a meeting

Recreational Therapy Services

Those who play, learn about themselves and the world around them. Those who play together, learn how to navigate social circumstances and have positive shared experiences! Recreational therapy should exist as a platform in all schools, community programs, hospitals, recreation departments, and youth, adult, and day programs. We can implement recreational therapy services for your organization or support you in developing recreational therapy or inclusive recreation as a part of your organization.

We also offer individual and group sessions for all ages and abilities, including families and parents.

adults helping students using wheelchairs and walkers play with a colorful parachute in a field. One child in a wheelchair is being pushed across underneath the parachute smiling


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