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Supporting Our Communities

Globally, social norms have changed. Mindfulness and purposeful engagement during these changes are critical to our physical, social, emotional, and intellectual health. Platform to Play is committed to providing support as we navigate a new reality.

Supporting Schools

The education system has changed!

Contact Us to inquire how we can work together while focusing on your school's needs. Here are some examples of how we would like to support you!​

  • Virtual Recess to support students' social and emotional health

  • Social and emotional support for your educators, students, and parents through play

  • Support for families of students with disabilities

  • Leisure resources to maintain whole-body wellness

  • Foster student engagement for in-person and remote learning with a focus on social and emotional needs, shared positive experiences, and new barriers to learning

  • Virtual and In-Person Professional Development to support the health and well being of educators and help build a repertoire of strategies and tools for navigating social and emotional needs in the classroom

  • Virtual and In-Person Recreational Therapy Services to foster interaction among educators and students and support social emotional health across school settings and situations

Supporting Families

Children are experiencing a new way of learning, and families are navigating a new way of life!

Contact Us to discuss how we can work together. Here are some examples of how we would like to support you!

  • Virutal Parent Sessions

  • Virtual Youth Sessions and Recess

  • Social and emotional support for your family through play

  • Support for families of children with disabilities

  • Ways to integrate and maintain a healthy leisure lifestyle

  • Play at home activity resources that are functional, educational, and fun!

  • Strategies for self-care

  • Support for in-person and remote learning

  • Strategies for supporting your family through play

Supporting Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity

Society is navigating a new awareness and understanding of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Contact us to discuss how we can support the diverse needs of your organization. Here are some examples of how we would like to guide you.

  • Use Recreational Therapy as a foundation for enhancing awareness, acceptance, and appreciation for the diversity of your staff.

  • Enhance social capital throughout your organization through play.

  • Build strategies for inclusion and equity within your organization's programs and services.

  • Balance the needs of your staff through leisure opportunities at work.