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We work collaboratively with:


  • To prioritize the social and emotional health of educators and students 

  • To guide inclusion

  • To foster student engagement and interaction among educators and students

  • To support diverse learning profiles and needs

Government, Non-Profit, & For-Profit Organizations:

  • To prioritize diversity, inclusion, & equity throughout programs and services offered

  • To guide the awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of diversity

  • To foster social capital 

  • To support the mental health and well-being of all 

Parents & Families:

  • To prioritize self-care & a culture of play at home

  • To guide advocacy efforts for children, with and without disabilities

  • To foster family engagement

  • To support social and emotional health of the whole family

Diverse group of individuals of all ages and physical abilities playing with a children's parachute as one boy in a wheelchair is pushed under it smiling
Who we work with: About us
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