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children surrounding and hugging founder, Jess Amato on an outdoor court in Zimbabwe

My Passion, Our Story

Consider the impact play has had on your life. From the day we are born, we discover our interests and abilities and learn how to interact with the world through various forms of play. Play is fundamental to our growth throughout our lifespan, yet it is not available or incorporated in everyone's life. Many people—of all ages, with and without disabilities experience barriers which limit their ability to play, thereby negatively impacting their physical, emotional, intellectual, and social health. 


My name is Jess Amato, and I am the founder of Platform to Play. I am a recreational therapist and community developer with expertise in using sports, recreation, and play to guide individuals and communities in reaching their highest potential. 

It is my life's purpose to use play as a vehicle for forward movement thinking, in which we support one another and ensure everyone has a platform to play. I am excited for you to join me in turning my passion into our story as we build up individuals, families, communities, and society together!

Our story: About us
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