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Happy New Year!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

2020 has been a powerful year of uncertainty and change. As we close out any chapter in our lives, we seek new perspectives. It is common to reflect on all we experienced and determine what we want the next year to bring.

I encourage everyone to consider the role we all play in our own lives. We create the life we want by setting goals, holding ourselves accountable, and navigating the challenges thrown our way. As Brene Brown said, "Just when you think you've found your way life will throw you onto a new path." In my opinion that is the beauty of life!

view looking out the driver side of a window while parked on the sand at the beach with the side view mirror showing the view behind the car. Waves crashing and sand

As we put 2020 in our rear view mirror, lets use the power of leisure and self-care to create the life we want. We cannot control all circumstances in our lives, but we can build resilience as we maintain a balance in our physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social health. Self-care is the action we take to preserve or improve our own health and we recognize its importance by the goals we create with new years resolutions. Sustaining these goals can be difficult because it requires self-determination, motivation, and accountability.

The key to setting oneself up for a successful year is by creating boundaries in order to make time for self-care. As we enter this new year, lets remember to celebrate ourselves daily!

Happy New Year!

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